Minister Kaag expresses regret and blends errors Afghan evacuation to ‘blind spot’

A lot hasnt gone well around the evacuations from Afghanistan. That is what demissionary Minister Kaag of Foreign Affairs acknowledged in debate with the House of Representatives. She called it โ€œa bitter fact.โ€

According to the minister, the Netherlands acted around the fall of the Afghan capital on the basis of five wrong assumptions. โ€œWhat Im saying is that we obviously had a whole blind spot in how bad and how fast it would get so bad.โ€ She emphasized that the Netherlands is not alone in it, but other countries had the same information position.

First, Kaag mentioned the Taliban advance, which came faster than expected. โ€œThey were amazed themselves.โ€ In addition, the โ€œrelative weaknessโ€ of the Afghan forces was a surprise. โ€œWe expected more from steadfastness and training.โ€

Dependence on the Americans

The third erroneous assumption was the rate at which Kabul would fall and the fourth was the assessment of the safety risks around the airport, from which the evacuations eventually had to take place.

The last setback Kaag mentioned was the dependence on the Americans who were in charge of the airport at the time of evacuations. โ€œThe USs high level of dependence has negatively harmed the planning.โ€

Earlier in the debate, which started at 3 p.m. This afternoon, heavy criticism of the cabinet sounded. MPs were not to mention the speed of evacuation and the fact that interpreters and others are still stuck in the country.

Kaag says in the debate that it is exceptional for local people who work for the Netherlands to be brought here:

Kaag addressed evacuations through France, which took place as early as June. According to her, the French started earlier because they had a lot of people to evacuate. โ€œThey found it practical.โ€ The demissionary minister stressed that there was no reason to follow the French example at that time.

In a general sense, Kaag stated that she does not want to speak of โ€œa total failureโ€ because many people have worked very hard on the evacuations. โ€œThe Netherlands was the only country that worked 24 hours a day.โ€

After Kaag, Minister Bijleveld (Defence), Secretary of State Broekers-Knol (Justice) and Prime Minister Rutte will still speak.