Minister: KVK is appropriate for shielding addresses, but it has to be even easier

The Chamber of Commerce makes it easier for self-employed persons, other entrepreneurs and directors to shield their address details. That‘s what Minister Adriaansens of Economic Affairs said in a debate with the House of Representatives.

Since this year, residential addresses have been protected in the commercial register, but for self-employed persons, the residential address and business address of their company are often the same. Having your business address shield is not just possible. Officially, you must be able to demonstrate that you are under threat According to the minister, the KVK has been โ€œmore coulanting with thisโ€ lately. This is done by making data temporarily inaccessible until the case is sorted out.

Tipping point

According to Adriaansens, society is โ€œat a tipping pointโ€ and the public trade register begins to wring. โ€œWe need to see if our systems, in this case the Chamber of Chamber as it is set up, still fit this time and the risks that are at play.โ€ For example, disclosure of addresses can lead to threatening situations for freelance journalists and independent lawyers.

The cabinet wants to amend the law. As of 1 July, business addresses for entire professional groups must be able to be protected, without the need for entrepreneurs to provide proof. Adriaansens mentioned journalists, lawyers and bailiffs and said that other groups are still being looked at.

Fight against fraud

The minister goes too far for everyone to protect the business address, because public attention contributes to the fight against abuse. โ€œThe register is there so you know who you’re doing business with. We have to be careful not to completely undermine the fight against fraud.โ€


the debate, Adriaansens also addressed proposals by parties in the Chamber to better guarantee the privacy of entrepreneurs. For example, she wants to look at an idea of the PvdA to arrange an opt-in, which means that an address is automatically shielded, unless an entrepreneur says it should be public.

And the minister is also going to look at an idea of the SP to offer entrepreneurs a mailbox so that they no longer have to use their private address. For freelance journalists, this is already possible through the NVJ trade union, for example.