Minister: new driving education does not have to be more expensive for customers

If there are higher demands on driving schools and lessons are being kicked, this does not mean that getting a driver‘s license becomes more expensive. Minister Van Nieuwenhuizen of Infrastructure and Water Management said this when presenting a report on improving driving education.

The driving lessons will be more expensive (from around 42 to 60 euros), but on the other hand, students will most likely succeed much faster.

The report, which was prepared under the leadership of former SP leader Emile Roemer, states that the quality of driving schools and instructors should be better controlled by a new inspection organisation to be set up.

More Keys

Driving lessons should be more focused on driving a car safely, rather than ‘getting the pink paper‘. Therefore, more theoretical and practical tests must be built into the training. The report is therefore called ‘From driving lessons to driving education‘.

Critics are afraid that all these additional requirements lead to the customer losing more money, but according to the minister, this is far from certain. โ€œNow people often have to take exams far too often because they are poorly prepared. It can all be much more effective. Rather a few more lessons, if you get your driver’s license faster.โ€


Van Nieuwenhuizen pointed out that a driving instructor for the student is by far the most important person for transferring traffic knowledge. There is a great deal of profit, because research shows that people under 24 have a five times higher risk of a road accident.

The Minister broadly agrees with Roemer‘s report, which she herself commissioned. The implementation of the recommendations leaves them to the next cabinet. Because she’s demissionary, she‘s just going to look at what’s fast to pick up.