Minister responds to Uitgezochtt-video about seksbots

Minister Arie Slob is going to talk to foreign colleagues about what they can do against sex-bots on, for example, Instagram and YouTube. That’s what the minister says after a politician in the Lower House asked him questions about the fake accounts on social media.

The minister says that he can’t prevent children from reading these kinds of messages. According to him, it is therefore important that children understand how to deal with these kinds of messages. This can be done, for example, through lessons on media literacy.

#Picked out

The fact that politicians talk about sexual messages from fake accounts is due to an Uitgezochtt-video from the Jeugdjournaal. In it Benjamin finds out who is behind the irritating messages. You can watch the video below:

The politician from the House of Representatives was shocked by the video. He doesn’t think it’s good that children see this kind of sexual messages and he wants the minister to do more about it.

According to the minister, it is difficult to do anything against the reports. The company behind Instagram is in Ireland. So he’s going to consult with Irish politicians to see if they can do something about the fake accounts


YouTube and Instagram said earlier that they are doing everything they can to prevent these fake messages. They block millions of fake accounts every day, they say. Yet the messages keep coming. At the Youth News, we always try to delete these kinds of messages right away.