Minister Slob: D66 did affect Kaag documentary afterwards

OCW Minister Slob, also responsible for public service broadcasting, says he has been incompletely informed in hindsight about the creation of the documentary about D66 leader Kaag.

In a letter to the House of Representatives, he writes that he must say โ€œoverseeing everythingโ€ that there has been โ€œinvolvement of D66 in the creation of the documentaryโ€.

Slob concludes that the VPRO did not fully inform him about this before. As a result, his answers to parliamentary questions from PVV MP Bosma were โ€œtoo firmlyโ€ worded when he said D66 had no influence.

The Minister admits that he has not informed the House correctly. Similarly, he does not want to judge the broadcaster‘s conduct because of the โ€œ(ground) legal freedom of expression and independence of the mediaโ€. As a minister, he is not allowed to intervene for that reason either.


Slob considers the Media Commissariat as an independent regulator โ€œthe designated partyโ€ to investigate whether the documentary has acted in breach of the Media Act. Slob is also awaiting the NPO Ombudsman’s inquiry.

โ€œIt is evident that there is a relationship between politics and media anyway,โ€ he writes in his letter to the Chamber. โ€œI see it as a daily task for everyone involved to keep this relationship as pure as possible, in the interests of the independence of all media and, of course, public service broadcasting.โ€

The Minister reports that, despite his judgment, the VPRO remains behind the accuracy of the information provided.