Minister Slob: if 50 percent students do self-test, it is already enough

Even if not all pupils and teachers do a self-test twice a week, secondary schools can reopen safely, says Minister Slob. According to him, in principle, it is enough for 50 percent to participate. โ€œAccording to research conducted by UMC Utrecht, the risk is no different from the current situation, in which schools are not fully open.โ€

Slob hopes that schools โ€œfocus on maximum participationโ€ in the self-tests. Today he had a debate with the House of Representatives on the decision that secondary schools should be reopened from 31 May and should be reopen from 7 June. The other half meter rule between pupils is then released. The rapid tests are then an important tool, he said.

The Chamber is struggling with the decision to open the schools completely now. Many teachers will not have been vaccinated yet and would rather wait until after the summer holidays. Today, the education unions announced that they want that too. At the same time, all the fractions see that the pupils suffer from corona measures, which means that they are largely still taught at home at the computer.

One hundred percent is not needed

Slob reiterated in the debate that the Cabinet took the decision on the basis of an opinion from the Outbreak Management Team (OMT). This states that further opening of secondary education and the release of one and a half metres โ€œcan only be carried out if all pupils carry out a self-test twice a weekโ€.

Slob thinks its right to open the schools:

According to the Minister for Secondary Education, this is an urgent advice, but not a harsh condition. The more people cooperate, the smaller the risk, he explained in a suspension of the debate. According to him, the OMT itself also contributes research, which shows that it is not necessary for 100 percent of teachers and pupils to do a self-test twice a week.

Slob points out its own responsibility, which also applies to other corona measures. The government will ensure that every high school gets enough tests for teachers and pupils and encourage as many people as possible to use them. He hopes that the tests are no longer necessary after the summer vacation, but takes into account that this is the case.