Minister Van Nieuwenhuizen leaves because of another job

Minister Cora van Nieuwenhuizen leaves. As of today, King Willem-Alexander resigned the demissionary Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management because she has another job. As of 1 October, she will be chairman of Energie Nederland, the industry association of energy companies.

Van Nieuwenhuizen is replaced by her VVD party-mate Barbara Visser. She was Secretary of State for Defense. There is no new Secretary of State on Defense, Vissers duties are taken over by Minister Bijleveld.

Recently, the Secretary of State for Infrastructure, Stientje van Veldhoven, also stepped up early. She has become vice president of an international sustainable policy organisation. Van Veldhoven was replaced by Steven van Weyenberg, just like her member of D66.

First female prime minister?

Before Van Nieuwenhuizen became a minister, she had several other political positions. She was MEP, Member of the European Parliament and deputy in North Brabant, among others. Two years ago, she said she saw herself as a candidate for Mark Ruttes succession and that she wanted to become the first female prime minister in the Netherlands.

One of the topics that came to the news under the Ministry of Van Nieuwenhuizen was the accident with the stint in Oss, which killed four children. Van Nieuwenhuizen acknowledged that her ministry failed to admit the stint and apologized for that.

As a minister, Van Nieuwenhuizen was a strong supporter of the opening of Lelystad Airport. But the opening was postponed several times, among other things because of the nitrogen and corona crisis.

Nine revisers gone

With the departure of Van Nieuwenhuizen, nine members of the third Cabinet Rutte have resigned prematurely. The departure of four of them was a direct political reason (Zijlstra, Harbers, Snel, Wiebes). Two left for health reasons (Bruins and Vant Wout). Officially, the latter has been temporarily replaced. And Van Veldhoven and Van Nieuwenhuizen have a different job. PVDAer Van Rijn was Minister for Medical Care for four months after Bruins departure last year.


fact that nine ministers or state secretaries leave earlier is exceptionally much, but not a record. When asked what he thinks someone is leaving in the interim, Prime Minister Rutte replied this morning that the cabinet is sitting very long. โ€œAnd we dont want people to have waiting for too long. So when people find a good job, I have every understanding of that. And it doesnt help that the formation takes a long time.โ€