Minister wants the final test group 8 to continue this year

Minister Slob wants the final test in primary education to continue this year. Otherwise, a number of children will receive lower school advice than they deserve. And those are usually the vulnerable children, he says. Hes already asked teachers to give students the benefit of the doubt.

Among other things, the education inspection and the school boards are urging Slob to continue the final test this year. That is also the commitment of Slob, he said this morning before the Council of Ministers began. As far as he is concerned, it should be different from last year, when the final test was due to corona.

Wealthy judgement

Slob assumes that the primary schools will open again on Monday 8 February and that they will then have enough time to prepare the final test. It is always taken between 15 April and 15 May. The result, together with the school advice of the teacher, determines what level in secondary education a child can cope with.

In any

case, the Minister for Primary and Secondary Education has given teachers 14 days longer to give their own advice to students, who have only seen online for part of the school year. He has also advised them to make a โ€œpromisingโ€ assessment, in other words: in case of doubt between VMBO and HAVO, for example, go for the highest.

Slob reported in December that pupils in the eighth grade last school year received an average lower school advice because the final test was not carried out. And that it was mainly children from poorer families who were the victims of this. He then called the test โ€œan objective second givenโ€, which allows students to demonstrate that they can handle more than the school thinks.