Ministers deny that Cabinet exerted pressure on Rehabilitation NL

Insolvents do not recognize themselves in the claim that pressure has been exerted from the government on Restoration NL to stop activities until after the elections. The Ministers Hoekstra and Vant Wout say that at least they know nothing about it. A spokesman for the ministerial corona talks calls the accusation “kul” and says that the organisation has fallen apart for other reasons.

Yesterday it became clear that three leading economists have withdrawn from the campaign, which was intended to remove the Netherlands from the lockdown on 1 March. These include professor and former CPB director Coen Teulings and director Barbara Baarsma of Rabobank Amsterdam. They did not call a reason for their departure.

The economists are still prominently mentioned on the website of Rehabilitation NL. President Robin Frenchman speaks of political pressure. In a statement on Twitter, he writes this morning: “Over the last 24 hours, the initiators of Reven-NL have been pressured by politics The Hague to stop the campaign. The message we received is that we are in the way of politics.”

Frenchman continues his campaign. He does not want to go into questions about the statement and says he will come up with more explanations at a self-chosen moment. Other promoters are not available for comment. The departed economists Barbara Baarsma and Coen Teulings have not yet explained their departure.

Informative conversation

The ministers who are taking part in todays talks in the run-up to tonights press conference say they do not know anything about it. Minister Hoekstra of Finance says that he spoke to a few people from the organization on Friday morning via a video connection. But that was, above all, an informative conversation, he emphasizes.

He says that there is “no question” that he would have asked to temporarily stop the activities. “I just wanted to better understand what they mean. But I do not believe that pressure has been exerted, at least not by me and I do not think by other members of the cabinet.”

“ It doesnt tell me anything”, also says Minister Vant Wout of Economic Affairs. He hasnt had any contact with the organization. “I really have no idea whats going on there right now.”

Safe Zones

Recoration NL launched a plan last week that allows the Netherlands to “open”. There should be safe zones for vulnerable people. In particular, that part of the plan, the division of society into two groups, came to a great deal of criticism.