Ministers discuss corona measures in Catshuis

Part of the demissionary cabinet is in Prime Minister Rutte‘s office residence to talk to the Outbreak Management Team about new corona flood. Among other things, it examines whether the one-and-a-half meter rule can be abolished and whether there should be a mandatory corona access ticket in more places. It also talks about the need for face masks and whether more is possible for the event industry and night care industry.

This Tuesday night, Prime Minister Rutte and Minister Hugo de Jonge will announce how far the easing is going and whether the corona checkapp should be shown more frequently at a press conference. The easing and the extra measure would take effect on Saturday 25 September.

During the preliminary consultation at the Catshuis today, the Outbreak Management Team experts said the consequences of easing on the number of infections and the pressure on healthcare.


Minister De Jonge has said several times in recent weeks that he hopes to abolish, for example, the one-and-a-half meter rule. 85 percent of adult Dutch people have received at least one shot and the patience with the restrictive rules is running out. โ€œThe rack is out,โ€ De Jonge said time and time again.

If the one and a half meter rule disappears, a corona access ticket should be shown in several places like France. The cabinet thinks of the hospitality industry, all kinds of entertainment venues and art and culture performances.

The events industry and the night hospitality industry are fervently hoping for easing. Yesterday, tens of thousands of people, in ten different cities, took to the streets to urge the cabinet to reopen the event sector further.

It does not look like the cabinet is stopping all corona measures like the Danish government. โ€œWe’re not off the hook yet,โ€ De Jonge said Friday. He also highlighted the drawbacks to lifting the face mask duty in public transport. He said that it should not be underestimated that it will make many people feel extra vulnerable in train, tram and bus.

โ€œThen I think of people with a weak immune response – who are vaccinated, but who may be less likely to do so. They won‘t be too happy about being stuck to someone who’s been ‘aerosols’ in their neck all the time.โ€