Ministry receives 13,000 emails from Afghans about asylum in the Netherlands

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has recently received some 13,000 emails from Afghans wishing to come to the Netherlands. That is what demissionary Secretary of State Broekers-Knol writes in response to questions from the House of Representatives. It concerns people claiming to fall under the terms of a D66 motion that the House of Representatives adopted two weeks ago.

They think they have a right to evacuation and asylum in the Netherlands, because they say they have worked for Dutch people, for example as a chef or driver. The request counter is not closed yet, so the list can be extended. The group is separate from interpreters and people with a Dutch passport that the Netherlands has not yet been able to evacuate from Afghanistan.

Incidentally, it is not 13,000 asylum applications, but there are also many emails with additional questions or a repeated request for asylum.

Who is assessing requests?

Broekers-Knol writes that the vast majority of emails have not yet been registered โ€œdespite the great effortsโ€. Only after that it can be assessed whether its authors rightly claim the scheme. According to initiates, there is a discussion behind the scenes about what service to do this: Foreign Affairs or the Immigration and Naturalization Service IND, which usually assesses asylum applications. However, the IND is facing a shortage of staff.

Last year, a total of more than 19,000 people asked for asylum in the Netherlands.

The Chamber Motion on the Afghans states that all local staff of Dutch organizations in Afghanistan are entitled to protection, just like Dutch citizens and interpreters. Human rights activists, lawyers and especially womens rights defenders must also be brought to the Netherlands if possible, the motion that received broad support.

This is how the last Dutch flight with diplomats and soldiers arrived in Eindhoven on Friday: