Ministry starts talks about long-term vision corona

The Ministry of Health has started discussions about a long-term strategy for the corona crisis. The brainstorming sessions are held with small groups of people from various sectors.

The House of Representatives has already insisted on a broader vision on how society should deal with the corona crisis in the future. Demissionary Prime Minister Rutte and Minister De Jonge said in the Chamber on Tuesday that the cabinet hopes to be a long way further by the end of next month.

Society as open as possible

The sessions with about ten participants per group started this week, as De Cceit reported this morning. A letter to potential participants states that the meetings are intended to look from practice how society can remain as safe and open as possible.

The letter asks questions such as: โ€œHow can we use the seasonal effect in the sense that there is more possible in summer than in winter? To what extent are we willing to adjust our behavior (for a long time) to prevent infections? How can we increase the vaccination rate even further?โ€ According to De Cceit, one of the ideas discussed in the sessions is that it is better to get together with many family in the summer than in winter.

The ministry has asked various parties to nominate discussion participants.

Lockdowns cant be completely ruled out

Rutte said in the House this week that the vision should be answered, among other things, to the question: โ€œHow do we keep sight of the virus in the longer term and what is periodically needed for contact restrictions measures.โ€ The Prime Minister also said on Tuesday that lockdowns cannot be ruled out, but that he wants to try to keep the chances of them as low as possible. โ€œOmikron had also been given with a long-term strategy. That had led to a lockdown, whatever long-term strategy you have,โ€ emphasized Rutte.

On Tuesday, De Jonge talked about more order, peace and regularity in decision-making and more predictability for the citizen. He wants to โ€œhave to impose as few restrictions as possible, and certainly not as shockingly as it goes every time nowโ€.

In the House of Representatives, Rutte also said that the cabinet wants to keep a pilot light in the healthcare sector to prevent the virus from flaring up again. This means that care can be easier to scale up and down. A separate task force will be provided for the measures in healthcare.