Ministry temporarily shut down due to noise protest

The Ministry of Justice and Security has been closed tonight due to a demonstration against the corona measures, which began just before the press conference of demissionary Prime Minister Rutte and Minister De Jonge. The press conference was held in the ministry. Officials and journalists were not able to go outside until around 9:30pm.

The demonstration started as a noise protest at the Turf Market, at the Ministry. It is estimated that several hundred protesters hit pots and pans, and had megaphones and sirens with them. The demonstration was not signed up, a council spokesman says to ANP news agency.

The sound was also heard in the press conferences online live broadcast:

Half an hour before the press conference started, the police blocked the passage to the ministry. After the press conference, the ministry was shut down in connection with the protesters still present for safety reasons. The decision was made by the Ministrys security.

During the press conference, the presence of the protesters was clearly heard outside. They also scanned slogans and had banners with them, which, among other things, referred to the persecution of Jews in World War II. Later, fireworks and smoke bombs were chipped.

Noise sampling images:

Police and municipalities dont want to estimate the number of protesters. CCeit reporters on the spot are talking about several hundred protesters.

During a speech by Prime Minister Rutte from the Turret in The Hague in December, noise demonstrators were also heard. No such protest occurred before during a press conference from the Ministry of Justice and Security.

During the press conference, the protesters moved from the front to the back of the ministry. That route also featured a deCCeit satellite car that ensured the transmission of the image signal. As a precaution, it was then decided to enable a backup connection of the signal. That could have led to an interruption of the signal from the online broadcast.

According to deCCeit, there has been no question of employees being attacked by protesters, as it says in different places on social media.