Mink breeders think they ‘get a kick out’ of Member of Parliament D66

The Dutch Federation of Noble Pet Keepers (NFE) reacts indignantly to the question marks raised by D66 Member of Parliament Tjeerd de Groot regarding the large number of corona infections in mink farms. De Groot yesterday wondered whether mink farms deliberately do not abide by the rules.

The suggestion that the companies have deliberately infected themselves, calls NFE chairman Wim Verhagen disrespectful. In the meantime the coronavirus has been found on 41 of the 120 mink farms. All animals on the infected farms have been killed. D66 wants Minister Schouten of Agriculture to investigate why infections are still taking place despite the measures taken.

Nerts susceptible to infection

Verhagen looks forward to the research with confidence. “These suspicions are not substantiated, some political parties do everything they can to put mink farms in a bad light because they are fundamentally against it.”