Mink breeders ‘totally surprised’ by Cabinet decision on early termination

The Hague sources last night announced that mink keepers are obliged to lay down their work after the next fur period, which starts in November. That decision was taken to prevent more mink farms from having to be cleared because of the coronavirus.

Verhagen thinks it’s too early to react in terms of content and wants to wait and see what details the minister comes up with first.

Cold on the roof

Before the outbreak of the virus, it had already been decided that the farms should be closed for animal welfare reasons, but instead of 2024 this will happen three years earlier.


What mink breeder Joost Willems wants to say is that he doesn’t have a good word to say about the way he heard the news. “The official who leaked it deserves a huge kick up his ass. This fell really cold on the roof. Last night we suddenly got this news, through social media. And that while our foremen are sitting at the table with the minister in The Hague today. It’s outrageous!”

No preventive culling

Preventive culling of all minks is not necessary. However, compliance with the corona rules is strictly controlled in the approximately 120 mink farms still operating in the Netherlands. The Cabinet is allocating 180 million euros to compensate the companies.

Verhagen does not understand where the date of March 1st and the amounts mentioned come from, he says to Omroep Brabant . “Really not, precisely because we still have that conversation. It’s been planned for a couple of days.”