Minute of Islands comes out unexpectedly on RS, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch

German studio Fizbin and publishing house Mixtvision never named a new release date for the drawn adventure puzzle Minute of Islands after March technical problems. Instead, they decided to simply release the game without any announcements or alerts. Today, June 14, Minute of Islands appeared on RS, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.

Tomorrow, June 15, she will be released on Xbox consoles. You can buy it for 435 rubles on Steam, from the PlayStation store for 1,429 rubles, and Nintendo fans will cost it the most: 1799 roubles.

In Minute of Islands, we will go into an unusual world, once built up by ancient giants. Many years later, its mechanisms begin to wear off and break.

And only our heroine, Mo, can keep the world from collapsing, because she has an Omni switch. Players have to travel between unusual islands, descend into dungeons, get acquainted with strange inhabitants, solve puzzles and gradually find out what the terrible truth is hiding in the far islands.

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