Minute of Islands stripped of release date

A month ago, German studio Fizbin and publishing house Mixtvision announced that they would release the adventure game Minute of Islands on March 18. However, the plans of the creators have changed: the planned release is not happened. As the developers reported, in the final round of testing they suddenly stumbled upon some important problems.

And to solve them will take time, so the release dates of the game so far lost. The studio can not yet say exactly when it will finish working on the revealed errors, but assures that the additional work period will go the game on use.

Minute of Islands – a fateful journey through the volatile world, which was built by giants. But now its mechanisms wear out, and only the heroine with his mechanical rod is able to prolong their life.

The game will be released on RS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch and will support PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series. More on CCeit Rogalik Revita went into early access and sold at a discount Sony plans to remove PlayStation Communities By 2023, revenues from eSports will grow by 68%.