Miracle dog after thousands of kilometres trapped in Callantsoog

The Breton Spaniel, first spotted in the wild in Switzerland and then turned up in Didam, was caught in Callantsoog after a walk of thousands of kilometres. Dog lovers were very worried about the miracle dog that criss-crossed half of Europe. But now everything is on its feet.

Founders of Honden Zoekgroep Gelderse Vallei, Ursula Zijlmans and her husband Peter confirm the catch to the Noordhollands Dagblad. With the help of firefighters from Callantsoog and employees of the animal ambulance the animal was finally caught. Zijlmans is overjoyed. “Sam seems to be fine and has been taken to the shelter

The exact origin of the animal is not yet clear. It is also not yet known whether a handler is looking for the dog. “At a later stage well see if hes been chipped and so we might be able to trace the owner“, says Zijlmans. So for now the dog will get some rest. “Its very special that we finally found Sam after such a long search

50 kilometres per day

The dog covered quite a distance and was spotted in Germany after Switzerland. After several reports it became clear that Sam had to be in Noord-Holland. According to the association, the hound could cover more than fifty kilometres every day.