Mirage founder promised Atomic Heart authors a ‘judicial nightmare’

Mirage, whose song is used in the new Atomic Heart trailer, responded to allegations of โ€œunlawfully blockingโ€ the trailer. founder Andrei Lityagin was outraged over the use of the Music Linked Us version because the developers from Mundfish did not acquire the rights to it properly. terms with Top7, representing Lityagin‘s interests, but made a deal with another legal entity โ€” National Music Publishing House (NMI) .

Lityagin had previously handed over he has part of the rights to the composition itself, but the rights โ€œto be recycled to third partiesโ€ can only be transferred with the author’s consent. But the developers did not apply to Lityagin.

Right now only the current roster of artists have the rights to perform the band‘s songs and its trademark, and only the publishing house can negotiate โ€œTop7. Previously, legal scandals of this kind have already arisen with former soloist and sisters Gruzdev performing Mirage songs.

They also received the so-called โ€œrightsโ€ from the NMI. In his appeal Lityagin mentioned that he was billed as a โ€œmonsterโ€ not on the bill: Once again I was sophisticated and exposed ethic monster in the eyes of advanced gamers all over the planet.

Guys, auuuu, I am with a college degree and imagine how much money Mundfish in theory could put into developing such a game. Andrei Lityagin said Lityagin, the authors asked Mundfish for a small fee, likened to โ€œtipping in a restaurantโ€, and the studio itself instead started โ€œwallowing the foolโ€ by quitting out.

At the same time, developers were warned that NMI did not have the necessary compositional rights. And now, gentlemen, I from your release will make a judicial nightmare for years to come! You have at least already earned yourself a negative reputation.

My question is was it worth it? Andrei LityAginatomic Heart are developing for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC. With the release, the game will be added to Game Pass.

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