‘Miss Ank’ thinks about third season De Luizenmoeder

Ilse Warringa does not exclude a third season of the popular program De Luizenmoeder. After two seasons, the series stopped, among other things because the writer and actor Diederik Ebbinge, who took on the role of principal Anton, was no longer interested in it.

De Luizenmoeder was aired in 2018 and 2019 and told about the woe and woe at elementary school De Ivy, where Miss Ank and director Anton waving the scepter. Among other things, the series was awarded the prestigious Nipkowschijf.

Miss Ank also directs the film of the series, which some episodes had more than 4 million viewers. In it all the cast members return, except Diederik Ebbinge. Also handyman Volkert, or Henry van Loon, does not return.

Meanwhile, Warringa is often asked for a sequel of the series. So many times that shes started to think about it seriously. Ideas enough. To the AD: โ€œI certainly want to deal with the impact that corona has on our education in a possible new seasonโ€