‘Missiles fired at Eritrea Airport from Ethiopia’

From the north of Ethiopia, at least three missiles have been fired and landed in the capital of Eritrea. Thats what local diplomats say. International news agencies have not been able to verify the reports. The area is closed off from internet and telephony.

Residents of Asmara say theyve heard explosions. Two projectiles would have hit the international airport of Asmara.

The Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF), the ruler in the northern region of Ethiopia, has previously threatened missile attacks on Eritrea. The TPLF accuses the neighbouring country of having carried out attacks on them at the request of the Ethiopian Government.


The rebel army strives for autonomy in the northern region of Tigray bordering Eritrea. Recently, the conflict between the government army of Ethiopia and TPLF fighters has escalated.

Beginning this month, fights broke out. The Ethiopian government army conducted several air strikes commissioned by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. Last week, an air base in the city of Humera was conquered from the rebels.

On Friday, the Ethiopian government accused the TPLF of firing missiles at two airports in the Amhara region, bordering Tigray and loyal to the government of Abiy.

Hundreds of dead

The battle between the Ethiopian army and the rebels has killed many people. Human rights organisation Amnesty International reported on Monday that hundreds of civilians had been stabbed to death in Mai-Kadra.

According to Amnesty, these were day labourers, who were not involved in the battle, and would have come from Amhara. Prime Minister Abiy is sending a human rights commission to Tigray.

Many people have also been fleeing. Neighbouring Sudan says to expect 200,000 Ethiopian refugees to cross the border in the next few days.