Missing doctor who contradicted that Navalny was poisoned again found

The missing Siberian physician Aleksandr Mulachovsky has been found again. The doctor, who was responsible for the treatment of Kremlincriticus Navalny after his poisoning last summer, left a hunting camp in Omsk on Friday, after which nothing was heard from him.

The man walked into a village himself, says Russia correspondent Iris de Graaf. Russian media report that the man was found in good health.

Mulachovsky had entered a forest last Friday where many bears live. Its known as a forest that you shouldnt just go into. There was therefore feared for his life, says De Graaf. A large search was rigged with drones, volunteers and the army, but he was not found.

Last night, there were reports that he was found. First reports about alive and then dead, says the correspondent. Those werent right. The search was resumed. A little later he walked up himself. According to his wife, he doesnt want medical help and he doesnt understand the extent of the massive search.

Mulachovsky is now being examined in the hospital. Nothing is said about the reason for his missing. Perhaps a statement will be given later. Now it looks like he went hunting and lost his way.

The doctor examined Navalny after his poisoning in August. A timeline of what happened since then:

Previously, two doctors who treated Navalny mysteriously died. According to critics, the two were involved in a statement that Navalny had been poisoned. That statement was later revoked. When Mulachovsky went missing, the alarm bells at Kremlin critics went off.

But Mulachovsky always said that Navalny was not poisoned, but, on the contrary, suffered from a rare metabolic disorder and low blood sugar. Those two dead doctors and this missing dont seem to be connected in any way, says De Graaf.

People who support the Kremlins policy find it outrageous that it is being brought to the news in such a way. They therefore see the connection with the other two doctors as a reason for the West to put Russia and Putin in a bad light.