Missing doctor who treated opposition leader Navalny again rightly

A doctor who treated Russian opposition leader Aleksei Navalny immediately after his poisoning in 2020 was recovered alive after two days in a forest. His missing fueled speculations that he was no longer alive and possibly even disposed of. Earlier this year, two colleagues who were working with Navalni in a hospital in the West Siberian Omsk region last August. The well-known Kremlin critic had been rushed there after he had become unwell during a flight.

Doctor Aleksandr Murakhovksky disappeared into the forest more than 200 kilometres north of Omsk after hunting there. Theres been a massive search with tracker dogs, drones and helicopters, but the man was not found. According to local media, he finally turned up in a village where he turned to for help. According to the local authorities, hes fine, but hes been taken to a hospital for inspection.

Murakhovksky spoke strongly in August last year that Navalny had been poisoned. He noted problems with metabolism. He was promoted at the end of last year. According to Western sources, the Russian secret service FSB was behind the poisoning of the now detained Navalny. Navalny was said to have been poisoned with novichoke, a neurotoxin from the time of the Soviet Union.

The other two doctors who treated Navalny died in February and March. One specialist suffered a heart attack at the age of 55, the 63-year-old colleague died of a stroke.