Missing German girl (8) found undercooled in Czech forest

An eight-year-old German girl who went missing in a Czech forest since Sunday has returned to trial, the Czech and German police report. After a two-day search, the child was found by a game keeper in Ceskรก Kubice, a municipality along the border with Germany.

The Berlin girl is now getting medical care. โ€œShe lives, is undercooled and taken to the hospital,โ€ says a German police spokesman. The child would not be in danger of life.

Hundreds of rescuers

The girl took a walk through the Bohemian Forest with her parents, brother and nephew on Sunday, a vast forest area bordering the Bavarian Forest. When the kids went to play in the woods, the parents caught track of them. The rescue services were then called on.

Rescuers found the six-year-old son and nine-year-old nephew Sunday night before dark. But the girl stayed without a trace.

The search was then extended. Hundreds of rescue workers from the Czech Republic and Germany have been searching for the girl the days after. There were also concerns about the temperature in the forest, which is at freezing at night. The search was also difficult because the forest area is vast and dense.

Emergency workers had discouraged volunteers from helping search. They were worried that more people would go missing.

In the

end, more than 1400 rescue workers from the Czech Republic and Germany searched for the girl, including police officers and firefighters. 115 detective dogs and a helicopter were also used.