Missing Man (44) after more than two years found alive in Peru

Pascal Maes (44) was found in Peru, alive and well. The Belgian had been missing for more than two years and recently the Peruvian police issued a new APB. It was assumed that he was killed.

In March 2019, Vlaming Pascal Maes arrived as a tourist in Peru. According to the police, his major travel plans were later confused by the outbreak of the corona epidemic. His family had contact with him several times, the last time Maes told him he was in Cuzco, the โ€œInca Cityโ€ in the interior of Peru at 3400 meters altitude, which was early 2020, just before the global pandemic outbreak.

But then the trail went missing. Maes stopped responding to the calls and made no more heard of himself. He was feared for his life, and he was credited to a list of โ€œlong-term missing.โ€ Police investigation yielded nothing. Until last month, the police found out that an attempt had been made to use his bank card: in Cuzco itself and in Urubamba, the village in the sacred valley of the Incas. The police in Peru was therefore asked explicitly by the Belgian consulate to resume the search. Special units were sent out, but without success.


Ultimately, he was found or at least recognized by another compatriot residing in Cuzco, as confirmed by the police of the city where Maes reported. โ€œHe had become a beggarโ€, it sounds to the police. โ€œHe had no money and no cell phone. It was found near the so-called Temple of the Moon in the village of Sacsayhuaman.โ€

Maes has already been questioned by the police. โ€œHe stated that he visited almost all the Inca sites, even the ruin town of Machu Picchu. Because he had no cell phone and no money left, he couldnt tell his loved ones. He also denied that he was a victim of violence or of scammers. His money just ran out.โ€

According to the Peruvian press and police, Maes is now in contact with the Belgian consulate there. Its not clear if hes coming home right away.