Missing notebook with notes in research Van Lienden rightly

A missing notebook with notes from a researcher about Sywert van Lienden‘s face mask deal is back. Demissionary Secretary of State Blokhuis writes to the House of Representatives that the investigation can continue.

Two weeks ago Blokhuis reported that a Deloitte researcher had lost his notebook with personal notes and that an โ€œanonymous personโ€ owned it. The Secretary of State now writes that the finder returned the book to the research office. Correspondence with Deloitte who sent Blockhuis to the Chamber shows that the researcher most likely left the book on the train.

New appointments

Blokhuis has expressed his โ€œdisappointmentโ€ in front of Deloitte about the loss and its initial settlement by the research firm. Deloitte has apologized and acknowledged that it has fallen short. Initially, the agency did not report the loss to the Dutch Data Protection Authority, later. Following the incident, the Ministry of Health has made new agreements with Deloitte.

Positive development

All in all, Deloitte can continue with the investigation, the Secretary of State has decided. According to Blokhuis, getting the book back is a positive development for both those directly involved and for the progress of the research.

The investigation should clarify the deal that Van Lienden and two business partners concluded with the Ministry of Health at the beginning of the corona crisis about the supply of face masks. Van Lienden first gave the impression that he didn’t deserve anything from selling the face masks, but had to come back from that later.

This is what Van Lienden told Buitenhof about the deal earlier: