Missing red panda found in Duisburg Zoo after more than 24 hours

The zoo of the German city of Duisburg, near the border with the Netherlands, returns its missing red panda after more than 24 hours. The animal was found in a tree near its stay.

Zoo Duisburg has been looking for the missing Jang since Thursday morning with binoculars and thermal imaging cameras. The carers thought he would be hiding somewhere in one of the treetops in the park, but couldnt find him right away. That suspicion turned out to be right Friday afternoon.

Using a fire stairs, Jang could be removed from the tree where he was hiding. The small panda has been transferred to the veterinary practice on the grounds of Zoo Duisburg and returns to his stay after a rest period. The plant he presumably used to escape has now been pruned.

Red pandas are found in the wild only in the mountain forests of China. Like giant pandas, they eat mostly bamboo. Of the endangered species, only a few thousand still live in the wild. They are about 50 centimeters in size and 5 kilos heavy.