Missing Steam games are available again

After several hours of panic with the loss of purchased games on Russian Steam accounts, everything has worked out, and now you can download and run games from Microsoft and other companies again. Recall, on the night from 7 to 8 On March, Steam lost access to more than a dozen games from different companies. First, several Microsoft titles were distributed, and then Activision, EA and Rockstar.

Moreover, it was not a ban on the purchase, but a ban on launching and downloading already purchased projects. Moreover, some users claimed that Steam even forcibly removed the installed clients of โ€œcanceledโ€ titles.

Whether it was a bug, or if the companies just changed their mind, no one reports but the precedent is very serious. More on CCeit Steam lost part of purchased games Microsoft Ubisoft suspended the sale of its games in Russia Take-Two suspended the sale of its projects in Russia and Belarus.