Missing toddler (3) recovered in forest after three days

A three-year-old boy who disappeared without a trace in the woods around Grimes County after playing with a dog has been recovered after three days. Miles from his family home, thirsty and hungry, but completely healthy.

Christopher Ramirez disappeared on Wednesday, when he was playing with the neighbors dog. His parents were just unloading the car when they lost sight of the child. The dog came back, but Christopher did not, after which local authorities started a massive search.

According to the New York Post, even the FBI was called in to the search, which had a result on Saturday morning. Christopher was a little dehydrated and had a big appetite, โ€œbut he was healthy and fairly cheerful,โ€ Sheriff Don Sowell reports.

Its still unclear how the boy survived in the woods for three days. He now โ€” with his mother โ€” is staying in a hospital to recover from his adventure.

According to founder Tim Miller of EquuSearch, an organization that often initiates and coordinates searches, Christopher Ramirez is a special case. โ€œIve been doing this for 21 years now and this is only the second time we find a child unharmed after so long.โ€ Miller was about to give up and discontinue the search.

The man who finally found the boy wants to remain anonymous. According to Sheriff Sowell, during his Bible study, the man had been told โ€œfrom aboveโ€ that he had to look for, because then he would find the little boy. That turned out to be right.