Missing Wijnaldum ‘strange maneuver’: ‘Gini belongs to Orange’

Aron Winter and Marco van Basten cannot agree with the decision of national coach Louis van Gaal not to call Georginio Wijnaldum for the Dutch team. The fact that players like Guus Til and Jordy Clasie are in the pre-selection is astonishing.
โ€œI dont know what happened, but I dont understand this,โ€ Winter tells Rondo about the absence of Wijnaldum, who keeps the sofa warm at Paris Saint-Germain. โ€œI think Gini is one of the best midfielders we have, he is second captain. Despite the fact that he plays few matches, he remains a good football player. He knows what is being asked at this level.โ€
โ€œMaybe the national coach wants to try out some other players now, but for me its incomprehensible,โ€ continues Winter. โ€œGini is just part of the Dutch team. Hes much better than guys who joined, like Jordy Clasie and Guus Til. It has much more quality. I find it odd.โ€
Marco van Basten also thinks this, who doubts whether Van Gaal wants to send a signal to Wijnaldum to find a new club as soon as possible. โ€œThats not what the national coach is about, is it? You could possibly do that in a conversation, but you dont do that by selecting or not selecting someone. He can also just pick up the phone. Thats another way. I dont know whats going on, but this is a strange maneuver.โ€