Mister Telstar doesnt even give in to Eredivisie: “Out with a big bang”

Telstar icon Frank Korpershoek announced on Monday that he will hold it in Velsen-Zuid after fifteen years. After this season, he ends his active career: even if De Witte Lions suddenly promoted to the Eredivisie, Mister Telstar remains by his decision.

The club started the home duel with NAC Breda on Tuesday evening as number nine of the Kitchen Champion Division and is still in the race for play-offs for promotion. Korpershoek, however, does not see himself debuting in the Eredivisie at 36, even as a Telstar stunt in the post-petition. No, that‘s a closed book for me, he tells ESPN. I give them the best and I would love it. But then I go out with a big bang and that’s worth something.

Frank Korpershoek stops playing football after this season, but what if Telstar promoted to the Eredivisie? ðÿ¤ pic.twitter.com/6Y7x0GRS8A
— ESPN NL (@ESPNnl) February 16, 2021

By the way, announcing his farewell did not leave him indifferent, Korpershoek informed NH Sport. We went to record a video, then all shirts were displayed here. And there was one shirt in there that always hung on my grandmother‘s wall. Unfortunately, there is no longer, but it was always here in the gallery. So that was swallowing.

After 15 years @Frankkorp6 stops at @telstar1963nv #telnac Last night at the bank I read some messages back. That was emotionalÐÿ’‡ The complete interview will be available on https://t.co/btY4fF6LIv Below a short teaser. pic.twitter.com/wcowlushfr
— NH Sport (@NHSport_) February 16, 2021