Mobile Apex Legends presented officially โ€” with screenshots and details

Respawn officially introduced mobile Apex Legends – before that the game was talked mainly on quarterly reports. It is not just a port of the existing battle royal, but a full-fledged new version & mdash; it is created taking into account all the features and features of mobile platforms. Developers promise convenient control from the touch screen.

Probably, because of this mobile version of the battle royal will not be able to play with console owners and PC. It will develop separately from the โ€œsenior fellowโ€, thanks to which there will be unique content.

We plan to release the game gradually – in the next month and a half in India and the Philippines Beta on Android will begin, and gradually it will expand for new regions and launch on ios. Screenshots of Apex Legends Mobile More on Gambling Sony changed its mind to close PS Store for PS3 and PS Vita media: Olivia Colman may play Marvels Secret Invasion Started filming of a solo movie about the Flash with Ezra Miller.