Modders carried the atmosphere of Undead Nightmare into Red Dead Redemption 2

RedMaxBR and AClassysliceOfToast enthusiasts are working to bring the atmosphere of an Undead Nightmare add-on to Red Dead Redemption 2 โ€” several ready-made mods are already available download from Nexus Mods. A mod called Undead Towns changes the overall aesthetics of in-game settlements, Undead Blackwater turns the city into a safe zone, and Undead Nightmare Camps adds many camps to the map from Roanoke Ridge to New Austin. In addition, modders advise installing the Rampage Trainer mod, which changes the weather and adds the Undead Nightmare soundtrack to the game.

Recall that Undead Nightmare is addition for Read Dead Redemption with a new story campaign. In it, John Marston goes in search of a cure for a terrible plague that suddenly engulfs the western frontier.

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