Modern conflict event has started at Enlisted

Gaijin Entertainment and Darkflow Software expand the gameplay of the multiplayer military shooter Enlisted. Currently, the creators are studying the interest of players in the new mechanism of game events. The developers are planning to introduce Enlisted battles that can go beyond the battles we know.

Players will be able to find themselves in the center of modern military conflicts and fight with the weapons and equipment of our time. The first of these events is currently taking place in the game.

Until November 22 at 6pm Moscow time, you can take part in the familiar missions of the Tunis Campaign, but now we are waiting for the dynamic battles of Modern conflict with pre-assembled assault and Sniper units. Soldiers will be able to arm themselves with a wide arsenal of weapons from all over the modern world, as well as sapper blades to create trenches and barriers.

Two modern tanks, the M1A1 NS and the T-80U, will cover the infantry. There are no experience points for participating in the Modern Conflict event, but players will be able to earn silver tickets for winning and participating.

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