Moderna: Corona vaccine effectiveness barely decreases after six months

The protection provided by biotechnologist Modernas vaccine against coronavirus hardly decreases after six months. Six months after putting the second shot, the corona vaccines effectiveness is 93 percent. This is almost at the same level as the 94 percent effectiveness Moderna reported in his first clinical trials of the drug.

Moderna made the research results known to its quarterly figures. That protection is not the case with all corona vaccines. For example, a pre-publication of research appeared last month showing that the vaccine developed by Pfizer and BionTech is 84 percent effective after six months, compared to 96 percent at its peak.

Modernas top man Stรฉphane Bancel is pleased that the vaccine offers long protection, but warned that the highly contagious delta variant of the coronavirus overflown from China poses new dangers. โ€œSo we need to stay vigilant.โ€

The listed Moderna, which launched its first product ever on the market with the corona vaccine, also came up with quarterly figures. The company recorded a turnover of $4.4 billion, compared to $67 million in the same period last year. More than half of that used the company as a profit. Net income came to $2.8 billion.