Mojang launches vote for new mob ahead of Minecraft Live

The Minecraft Live event will take place on October 16, while Mojang is offering fans to vote for a new mob to appear in the next version of the game. First Mob, who can cast his vote, became Firefly, a charming cave-dwelling monster. The developers said that Firefly does not like the dark, so it will start tantrums that will alert players about possible enemies.

The next mob loves music and knows how to dig objects. The developers demonstrated this by giving the Mob the last cookie โ€” after a few seconds he brought more cookies.

The third mob remains a mystery for now, but it will be told about it soon. Recall that last year fans chose the Glowing Sprut Mob, which was added to version 1.

17. The show will start at 7pm Moscow and will be available on official website or YouTube channel.

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