Mom Missing Cleo (4) Makes Emotional Call: ‘Someone Needs to Know Where She Is’

The mother of missing 4-year-old preschooler Cleo has made an emotional appeal to the public to look forward to her daughter. โ€œSomeone needs to know where she is.โ€

In Australia, concerns about the missing preschooler are growing. Cleo disappeared from her tent on a camping trip with her family on Friday and Saturday night. The emergency services look for the girl with drones and planes and say they are โ€œdeeply concernedโ€ about her.

Cleo camped with the rest of the family in a secluded location a few tens of kilometres from the town of Carnarvon in Western Australia.

Mother Ellie Smith told broadcaster ABC that she last saw her child around 1:30 AM on Saturday. Then Cleo asked for water. In the morning the tent was open and the girl had disappeared. โ€œThe zipper of the tent was open, she was gone.โ€ Besides Cleo, there was another daughter, Isla, in the tent. She is younger than Cleo and is with her parents. The two children were in the same room in the tent.

Butterfly Pyama

The pink butterfly pyama in which Cleo slept has also disappeared, just like her Wanderer grey-red sleeping bag. Police shared pictures of stuff.

Smith thinks someone knows where her daughter is. โ€œYou have to. It‘s been four days now. She would never leave the tent on her own.โ€ Authorities say they take into account all scenarios, including a kidnapping. In that case, she could have been taken to another part of the country, the police think.

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Emergency Services are combing out of the area, but the search is complicated by bad weather. There’s a lot of rain and it blows hard. In the meantime, owners of buildings in the area have been ordered to hand over their keys to the police. They can search the properties.


Many Australians live with the family. For example, a local helicopter company joined the search, according to local media. Also, shops in the area have hung posters of the preschool er in her pink pajamas. โ€œThe support we get is overwhelming, but we only want one thing and that is that our daughter comes home and we can put her back in our arms,โ€ said Mother Ellie. โ€œThere‘s so little we can do ourselves. The wait is debilitating.โ€

Police say they get tips from people from all over the country. These include individuals who think they have seen Cleo. That information has yet to be checked. In the meantime, a police officer had to admit that we โ€œsimply don’t knowโ€ what happened to the child.