Mona Keijzer position for discussion following statements on corona access ticket

The statements by Demissionary Secretary of State Keijzer on the corona access ticket lead to discussion and consultation within the CDA about its position. According to The Hague sources, the anger in the cabinet is high and there is top deliberation on the matter.

Political reporter Ron Fresen says it cant help but her statements have political repercussions. โ€œIf a member of the cabinet is so distancing himself from cabinet decisions, and certainly one like that controversial corona access ticket, you can only do two things. Either you take your words back, but then the damage is already done, or you resign. The latter seems most likely to me in this case.โ€

On the day the corona entry ticket was introduced at most hospitality and events, Keijzer (CDA) questioned the corona pass in De Cceit. โ€œYou can see that its increasingly difficult to explain why the pass is needed in one place and not in the other place,โ€ Keijzer says in an interview with the newspaper.

She points to the 85 percent vaccination rate and the lack of major inflow into hospitals after the full opening of schools and universities. โ€œThen I think, yeah guys, are we going on this road or are we going to organize it differently?โ€ , says the CDA.

โ€œIf youve ended up in a society where you have to be afraid of each other unless you can show a proof, you really have to scratch your ears for a while and ask yourself: do we want to go this way?โ€

Undermines Cabinet Policy

Fresen: โ€œThis undermines cabinet policy. Because what do you think a catering entrepreneur will say to a regulator this afternoon? Probably โ€œyou dont believe in it yourself.โ€ We know from Keijzer that she had trouble with the cabinets corona decisions.โ€

She thought they were too much for entrepreneurs, which she often heard the stories of as Secretary of State.

โ€œKeijzer always stayed loyal,โ€ says Fresen. โ€œShe said what I think is not important, the cabinet speaks with one mouth. So till today.โ€

Minister Grapperhaus for Justice and Security informed the mayors of the Security Council this morning that Keijzers rulings are not a cabinet policy. President Bruls is not available for an explanation.

No explanation

Keijzer informs the CCeit that she does not want to explain. She leaves it at the interview with De Cceit. The Ministry of Minister De Jonge of Health (CDA) does not want to address the matter now either.

As Secretary of State for Economic Affairs, Keijzer regularly talks about the corona measures with event and hospitality entrepreneurs.

In the House of Representatives, outrage and astonishment over Keijzers statements prevails.

PVV leader Wilders seize the division within the cabinet to advocate the abolition of the corona access ticket again. Hes going to request an emergency debate on Tuesday.

โ€œVery weirdโ€

D66 MP Paternotte also wants a debate and thinks Keijzers statements are โ€œvery weirdโ€. He points out that Keijzer is part of the cabinet that has taken these measures jointly to protect care.

โ€œThis is a staircase for all entrepreneurs who need to enter the CoronaCheck today,โ€ says PvdA-MP Chick. โ€œHow can they be confident when the cabinet criticizes its own policy in the newspaper?โ€

Not too pessimistic

Its not the first time Keijzer has gone against the current. In November 2020, Keijzer said in the television program Op1 that corona experts should not be too pessimistic about celebrating Christmas that year because older and vulnerable people, like her mother, became anxious about it.

In December 2020, the Keijzer Ministry showed signs that stores like HEMA, Wibra and Action could still open under conditions, while the cabinet had announced a hard lockdown for stores with non-essential products.

In March 2021, the cabinet had to get tested because Keijzer had corona and had been to a council of ministers. She had few complaints she said herself. โ€œDont worry; I feel good.โ€