Money couriers packed with million euros in shopping bags

Two couriers from Schiedam and Rotterdam who were on their way with 1 million euros in two large shopping bags on a hot summer day, can probably whistle for that money.

If its up to the district attorney, that money will be forfeited. In the district court of Rotterdam, the prosecutor said that the income of the defendants is far from sufficient to declare that they had such a large amount at their disposal. According to him, the money is probably crime money.

Due to the laundering of criminal money, the 21 and 24 year months imprisonment was demanded against the money couriers of 21 and 24 years. According to the DA, the youngest has to sit for another four weeks, because in July he ignored a stop sign for a traffic control on the A2 from Utrecht to Amsterdam and took off at high speed with his VW Polo. A series of serious traffic offences were committed.

The state also announced the deprivation of unexplained cash deposits into the brothers bank accounts.

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