Monochrome horror Kingdom of the Dead is released on 26 January

Independent studio Dirigo Games, effectively made up of one developer, has announced that it has found a publisher for grimy first-person shooter Kingdom of the Dead. A new indie division of Digital Bros Group called Hook took over the game‘s release. And it will be released on Steam on January 26, 2022.

Meanwhile, players who can’t wait to fight the Death Army can get to know the new Kingdom of the Dead demo. It fully opens the first level of the game, allows you to choose the difficulty level and assign different color modes for unique hand-drawn graphics.

This variant was shown by the developer during the โ€œGames to Beโ€ festival. In Kingdom of the Dead, players have to close the Gate of Death on the East Coast of the United States.

And this mission is entrusted to Professor Chamberlain, who has become an Army general and agent of the secret government organization, The Gatekeeper. More on Gamemania The authors of Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate โ€” Daemonhunters talk about mechanics The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will add Age of Empires IV aquariums gone on gold.