Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, F1 22, DNF Duel – in the latest Steam chart

The fresh Steam chart, where goods and games are ordered by revenue for seven days, includes three completely different novelties at once: the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak expansion, as well as the Formula 1 racer simulator raquo; F1 22 and DNF Duel fighting game. Moreover, in the case of the first two, we are talking about two editions of projects at once: the extension for Japanese action is located on lines 2 and 3, plus Monster Hunter Rise itself was on the 7th position, and the sports simulator – on the 6th and 10th places. The Raft survival simulator also retained its place in the top 10, and towards the end of the list are Tiny Tina‘s Wonderlands and another โ€œsurvivalโ€, this time relatively old, is Rust.

Charts from June 27 to July 3 Steam Deck; Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak (new); Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak (new); Raft; DNF Duel (new); F1 22 (new); Monster Hunter Rise; Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands; Rust; F1 22 (new) . Charts from June 20 to 26More on Gambling Addiction The creators of the God of War series called on gamers to respect communication The authors of The Dark Pictures โ€” The Devil in Me showed a hotel from the game Faction Ratio and other statistics of patch 0.

12. 12 for Escape from Tarkov.