Monster Hunter: Rise turned out to be a good Monster Hunter – the main of the reviews of the novelty

Monster Hunter: Rise will be released only on Friday, but journalists have already managed to pass the game and share their impressions in the reviews – judging by the overall temperature, it turned out a good Monster Hunter. But without loud delights. Capcom did not experiment, trying to fit in the portable Rise as many elements from MH: World.

The team largely succeeded, but some critics remained unhappy with the lack of important innovations that would highlight it against the background of its predecessor. โ€œIf you‘re a veteran of Monster Hunter, I don’t see any reason why you might not love Monster Hunter: Rise,โ€ from Comicbook text (8/10) .

That being said, fans of the series probably should to have enough of that as well. Part of the remorseless editions call MH: Rise the best part of the series, despite the existence of MH: World.

โ€œAfter Monster Hunter: World bar was raised very high, however Capcom once again managed to surpass itself by adding a more dynamic combat system, more monsters and a huge map to learn,โ€ โ€” from the text of MGG (9/10) . Also critics notice that the developers have added a rather detailed and convenient training for beginners – if desired, they should rather quickly to imbue the game, not afraid to get lost in dozens of different mechanics.

The only really weak point of the project is called endgame – there is still quite a little content, although now there is something get engaged. Over time, developers should systematically add more high-level activities.

Speaking only of grades, Monster Hunter: Rise received 86 points on Metacritic and OpenCritic, although a predecessor in the face of Monster Hunter: World boasts 88-90 points on both aggregators depending on the platform. โ€œRiseโ€ is released on March 26 only on the Nintendo Switch.

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