Monstrum 2 goes into early Steam access on January 28

The sequel horror survival Monstrum studio Junkfish was unable to release into early access in the fall as intended. The asymmetric multiplayer horror will not be available until January 28. And before that, on January 23 and 24, the Monstrum 2.

Players will go to prison in the building of the old sea fortress. Now there is a research center in which creepy experiments are carried out.

And four prisoners will try to escape from a terrible monster in a procedurally generated environment. One of the monsters presented in the new trailer.

Mollusk Malacosm, created under the inspiration of Lovecrafts writings, is able to place traps that injure survivors, knows how to teleport on the map, pass through walls and for a while to see through the eyes of his victim – this will allow you to understand where the fugitive is hiding More on Gamerania Save dogs in the arcade The Last Friend and take them to the team Build and Discover: America promises to tell the true story of the USA Retro arcade Humans Took My Neighbors! comes out on Kickstarter.