Mont Blanc has shrunk nearly metres

The highest peak in Western Europe, Mont Blanc, has shrunk around a meter since the last measurement in 2017, and the โ€œroof of Europeโ€ in the Alps is now 4807.81 metres. In 2017, it was 4808.72 meters.

About thirty researchers climbed up the mountain halfway through this month to take measurements. Measuring is made difficult by the thick layer of eternal snow, which counts in the measurements. That icy snow layer stays in place all year round. The thickness of this layer fluctuates, which also keeps the height of the Mont Blanc fluctuating. The rock under the snow is 4792 metres high according to the measurements.

The researchers make their measurements available to other scientists and invite them to explain the differences in height more precisely. With the previous measurement four years ago, the summit had shrunk about an inch compared to 2015 research.