“Moon Knight,” Spider-Man cartoon and other Marvel announcements

As part of Disney Day, the studio shared various announcements and teasers of upcoming Marvel. Among the novelties featured Oscar Isaac as Moon Knight — vigilante suffering from a personality disorder. The hero finds himself embroiled in a deadly war of the gods against the backdrop of modern and ancient Egypt.

The series was directed by Mohamed Diab (Slash) . The Hulk Woman was shown, with Tatiana Maslany (Dark Child) in the lead role of Jennifer Walters.

Her heroine specializes in court cases involving superhuman activity. Tim Roth will also play in the series — he will reprise his role as the villain from The Incredible Hulk of 2008.

Kat Coiro and Anu Walia are the director of the film, and the script is responsible for the screenplay Jessica Gao. Presented by Iman Vellani as Kamala Khan from the upcoming Miss Marvel miniseries.

The actress will play a 16-year-old girl from New Jersey, an American of Pakistani descent who is a big fan of the Avengers — especially Captain Marvel. Kamala herself suddenly acquires superhero abilities and becomes the one always equal.

The episodes were directed by Adil El Arbi, Bilal Falla, Mira Menon and Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy. Bisha K.

is responsible for the script. Ali.

Other announcements are the new animated series Spider-Man: Freshman Year will return to the roots of everyone‘s favorite character, with Jeff Trammel responsible for the script; season two of What If. .

. ? ; directed by Brian Andrews, head scriptwriter by A.

S. Bradley; Marvel Zombies animated series, in which a new generation of heroes will fight zombies.

Directed by Brian Andrews; I Am Groot is a series of original shorts focusing on the glory days of Baby Groot. Directed by Kirsten Lepore; new Secret Invasion series starring Samuel L.

Jackson as Nick Fury. Cast will be joined by Ben Mendelsohn as Talos from Captain Marvel; series Agatha: House of Harkness with Kathryn Hahn, who will return to the role of her character from VandaVigen.

Writer: Jacques Schaeffer; Ironheart series about ingenious inventor Riri Williams who created the most advanced armor suit since Iron Man – starring will play Dominic Thorne; Hawkeye will feature the heroine Echo, played by actress Alakua Cox; a new X-Men ‘97 animated series that will be a direct sequel to the original from the 90‘s. The screenwriter is Bo DeMaio.

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