More about the new Playstation and Xbox

More is known about the new Playstation and Xbox. The consoles will both cost 499 euros. The last time these companies came up with new consoles was in 2013.

Two versions

For the first time, there will also be a cheaper version of the consoles: the Playstation 5 Digital Edition (โ‚ฌ399) and the Xbox Series S (โ‚ฌ299). These game consoles work entirely digitally. So you cant put any game discs in them and have to download the games online.

Microsoft hopes that sales of the Series X and S will go a lot better than their older consoles. After all, twice as many Playstation 4 consoles have been sold as the Xbox One.


The new Playstation was unveiled in June. We made a video about it and talked to a game journalist. You can watch that back here:

The new Xbox will be on sale from 10 November. The Playstation a little later: it will be on sale from 19 November.