More and more DDoS attacks on companies and organisations

More and more companies and organisations are being hit by DDoS attacks. Since last month, the number of attacks has been “exceptionally high” by Dutch standards, says the National Cyber Security Centre of the Ministry of Justice and Security. Numbers have not been disclosed.

Several companies and organisations have been affected, including government agencies and Internet service providers.

The center says there were multiple attacks up to 250 Gigabits per second (Gbps). Last year the heaviest attack was 124 Gbps. “At 250 Gigabits per second you have to imagine 45 old-fashioned CD-ROMs being fired at a website”, says CCeit technology editor Joost Schellevis.

Other country’s knowledge

The National Cyber Security Centre has received reports from parties who received extortion e-mails in the name of a ‘state actor’; these are attacks directed by or carried out with the knowledge of another country. It is not known from which countries the messages come. The motive is not clear either.

“But we shouldn’t just draw conclusions that countries are behind every attack. Because an attack that was previously linked to Russia ultimately turned out to be the work of an adolescent in his attic room,” says Schellevis.

Internet connection lost

At some institutions, the DDoS attacks have disrupted online services, says the National Cyber Security Centre. Some websites were no longer accessible at all and internet connections no longer worked.

The National Cyber Security Centre calls on companies and organizations to take another close look at their Internet security and to take measures.