More and more women go for gray hair: ‘It is as attractive as colored hair’

More and more women go grey, discovered journalist Wies Verbeek. Whereas before women almost always painted their hair in a different color when gray, according to Verbeek, it is now on the rise to leave it gray for what it is. โ€œAnd no, not in the context of: let it all hang. It is accompanied by looking goodโ€, explains Verbeek in the CCEit Radio 1 Journal.

According to the journalist, its not a trend, its a cover. โ€œIt will also be permanent because of its durability. Otherwise, you put chemicals in your hair every time.โ€ Our image of gray hair has also changed, she says. โ€œWe dont have that fear of getting gray anymore.โ€

Verbeek was interested in becoming grey among women and made a documentary about it. She had six portraits of women with their normal hair color. Then she photoshopped the hair of the portrayed women gray. She presented those photos to 500 people and asked about their age and attractiveness.

โ€œ What I found remarkable is that the hair color does not matter at all in terms of attractiveness. Someone is found as attractive with gray hair as with colored hair,โ€ says Verbeek. Also, the age estimate was not easy for her. โ€œI thought that people would be estimated on average 6 years older with gray hair, but that was 3 years on average. I found that striking.โ€

On dating site more comments on gray hair

To see how the gray color had an effect on herself, Verbeek enrolled in a dating site with blond hair and gray hair. โ€œI got even more comments with the gray hair!โ€

If the turnout continues, it will be detrimental to hairdressers. โ€œThey are missing an average of 960 euros in income per person per year. But not everyone is disadvantaged: a number of hairdressers accompany people in the change from colored to gray hair.โ€

The documentary of Verbeek can be seen here: