More Brabant rioters in the picture: who are these suspects?

Police show recognizable images of young people who last week plundered cities, destroyed and used violence against the ME in various cities. These include four rioters in Den Bosch and one in Eindhoven.

The youngsters went raging in Den Bosch and were filmed by cameras from two stores that they raided Monday night. A rioting maker in Eindhoven is also recorded. He is suspected of being involved in setting a car on fire and destroying windows of a catering shop above Eindhoven Central Station.

Last Monday, the police also showed photos of rioters at the program APB Requested. That resulted in four arrests.

Police and OM in Brabant had already seized cars and scooters of vandals. The purpose of the seizure is to make it easier to apply damage claims to perpetrators. The television program Crime Desk broadcasts footage of the suspects on Monday night at 20:30 on RTL5.