More cancer in the Netherlands than in other EU countries

In the European Union there are only two countries where cancer is more common than in the Netherlands. Only Ireland and Denmark have relatively more cases, says the Integral Cancer Centre the Netherlands (IKNL) on the basis of figures collected by the European Commission.

The Netherlands has a relatively high incidence of lung cancer, among other things. According to the IKNL, this is because the Netherlands has more female smokers than other countries, due to the early wave of emancipation in the 1970s

Good care

Cancer mortality is also higher in the Netherlands than in other EU countries, but the differences in this area are smaller. According to the IKNL, this is due to the high quality of care. As a result, diagnoses are made earlier and treatments are more effective.

The Dutch figures are based on the Dutch Cancer Registry and data from Statistics Netherlands. This shows that in 2019 cancer was diagnosed in 117,631 people. The most common forms are skin, breast and lung cancer.